Professional Bike Assembly & Delivery

Seamlessly integrate the Powered By Beeline 1 dealer network into your Shopify e-commerce experience. The Powered By Beeline 1 Shopify app enables your customers to choose In-Shop Pickup or Mobile Delivery at checkout. The Powered By Beeline 1 dealer network is comprised of hundreds of brick & mortar and mobile bike shops around the country.

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The Powered By Beeline 1 customer experience:


A customer buys a bike from your Shopify store and chooses a Powered By Beeline 1 option. They can choose to pick their fully-assembled bike up from a local bike shop or immediately schedule an appointment for their bike delivery.


The bike ships to the local bike shop, who will assemble the bike. The customer receives instructions on how to pick up or receive delivery of their bike.


We take care of the hard part. Now all the customer has to do is take their bike for a ride!