Installation guide

After completing the steps below, Beeline2U will appear as a fulfillment option for your customers (where applicable).

Steps required

  1. Create an account or contact support for help
  2. Work together with Beeline Support to activate your account
  3. Install the Beeline2U app directly from your account details
  4. Configure shipping zone & rates details
  5. You're ready to go details

1. Create account

You can create an account by completing the signup form.

If you have trouble filling in the form, please contact Beeline Support. We will set up an account for you.

2. Activate account

All partner agreements are handled separately. Beeline Support will manually activate your account shortly after you create it. Once your account is active, you can begin installing the app.

3. Install app

Note: you can only install the App after you create an account on the Beeline2U site and the account has been reviewed and activated by Beeline staff.

Install from Shops section

  • Visit the Shops section from the top navigation once logged in
  • Click on Add Shop
  • Log in to your Shopify account (if not logged in yet) by specifying your shop URL
  • Review the permissions required and agree

4. Configure App

After the app has been added, you will be taken to the app's page. If not, visit Apps → Beeline2U

Click on New shipping rate in the top right corner

New rate button

Fill in the information as seen on the example below, based on your agreement with Beeline:

  • Name: Beeline Bikes
  • Description: Professional Assembly & Delivery
  • Price: you determine the price (if any) that your customer pays for Beeline Bikes Professional Assembly and Delivery
  • Min price, Max price: (optional) Beeline2U will only show up as an option for carts between the given values

Please consider minimum price (before taxes) for products to be eligible for Beeline Bikes Professional Assembly and Delivery. The default minimum item price is $0 which would make all items eligible.

New rate form

Additional cost per item

This section is used to apply additional charges for specific items.
Example: You want to add $80.00 shipping for each bike with SKU 123456 in an order, starting after the first item

  • Field: Product SKU
  • Verb: Equal
  • Value: 123456
  • Price to add: 80.00
  • After N items: 1


Filters are used to limit the availability of specific rates.
Example: You want to have a rate available in California only

  • Field: State / Province 2-letter code
  • Verb: Equal
  • Value: CA

Click Save and your shop is set up with Beeline2U

Some notes:

  • All values need to be set up according to the initial agreement with Beeline
  • You can add multiple rates based on the value of the cart. In this case use a more specific name (ex. for carts above $1,000: Beeline2U - free premium shipping)

Shipping Zone Setup

Additionally, you can use Shopify's Shipping Zones setup to add calculated rate adjustments for the Beeline2U shipping provider options.

Calculated rates
Edit calculated rate

Themeable Proxy Page

The Beeline2U application automatically generates a proxy page that describes the Beeline Bikes assembly and delivery services from a customer's perspective. The page automatically uses your store's theme. By default the proxy page URL is /apps/beeline2u, but it can be modified in the App Details section.

App proxy page

5. Congratulations, you're done!

Beeline2U will now appear in all shipping zones configured for your shop.

The Beeline Bikes shipping option will be available only for customers with zip codes currently supported by Beeline:

Shipping options

The app will not change the shipping information of the customer, but instead automatically adds a note to the order with the actual shipping address (the Beeline mechanic's address):

Shipping options

You can create multiple Rates and fine-tune them with multiple parameters with the help of "Filters" when creating/editing a Beeline2U rate.

You can review all orders fulfilled by Beeline in the "Shops" section in the Beeline2U site.